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If you recall, 2 weeks ago I planted a pineapple top in soil. Here’s an update on how that’s going.

I re-potted my Lucky Bamboo from water into soil about a month ago and I’m discovering new white roots crawling out to the sides of the pot!


So yeah… I killed 2 pineapple plants in the last month. So sad. ={

P1 was kinda doomed from the start. I bought it from the store, but didn’t pull the top off right away so the pineapple got too ripe and by the time I pulled the top off and peeled the bottom leaves off there were no roots left. I thought it still might grow for me so I put it in a glass of water anyway. Unfortunately a few days later the top started to turn brown and mold was growing between the leaves.


P2 had so much promise, I got the top off as soon as I brought it home and pulled off the bottom leaves. Lots of beautiful brown roots all around. I put it in water and placed it in a warm sunny spot, but no… a few days later the dreaded mold made itself at home and I had to toss P2 out. ={


So here I am with P3, but this time in a pot of soil straight away. I’m not messing with trying to root it in water. We’ll see what happens. Wish me and P3 luck!

Yeah it might sound weird, but garlic is suppose to be an awesome nail strengthener.

My nails have always been super thin and I could never grow them out very long because they would start to chip and break. My cousin on the other hand has always had really strong thick nails. She told me once that her nails were so strong because she rubbed garlic on them. Interesting, but I never really looked into it because I thought it was a myth.

Recently though I’ve been on a crazy nail polish hype and I’m noticing that my nails are taking a beating. I want to be able to grow them out longer and keep them healthy so I was researching and noticed other people talking about garlic too.

 I found this video on Youtube and learned that you can make your own nail strengthening garlic polish by chopping up some fresh garlic and throwing it into your clear nail polish. It has to sit for about a week to give the polish time to soak up the garlic powers, then you apply it like a base coat.

I’m totally down to try it!

What I did was smash open a garlic clove and rub it all over my clean nails and into the cuticle. Then I chopped up the garlic and added it to this clear Nail Building polish I got from the dollar store. I’ll be letting the garlic marinate in there until next week.  Holler!

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