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Where things came from? Who owned them? Why they were tossed into the for sale/junk/trash bin?

There was small glazed pot at the thrift shop that I saw last time I was there which was over a month ago, but for whatever reason I decided not to get it.

I loved the color and the unique design. It looked like someone made it by hand, painted it, and glazed it. I thought it would make a cool plant pot.

Sometimes when I’m shopping like this and I’m hesitant about buying something I tell myself “if it’s still here the next time I’m shopping it was meant to be mine” then I’ll get it.



So I did. I saw it again today and was still caught by its uniqueness. I wonder how old it is and what it was made for. What it was used for. I wonder who “S.K.” is…

In its previous life maybe this little pot sat on a shelf or a mantle. Maybe it sat on a coffee table, a desk, or even outside. Was it was a gift? Was is used to hold trinkets, keys, or pens? I guess it’s fun and mysterious to think about…

For now this little pot is with me. I’m placing it on my coffee table “jungle” and it will be home to my orchid.


I heard Victoria’s Secret had a new LE scent called ‘I Love Kisses’ which had lotus blossom and watery fruit notes. Sounded like my kinda combo. I had to go smell it, so I decided to hit up the mall after I helped fix Don Juan’s laptop/wifi problems and took him to run errands.

He decided to roll with me to the mall so he could shop for ties. It reminded me of when I was 15 and would tag along with him on shopping sprees for $50 ties and fitted suits that he would decide not to buy after waiting 3 hours as they tailored it. That was just his style. He would also insist I get something, usually something expensive, which wasn’t my style. If I got something I wanted it to be an item that I actually loved and would use, not necessarily expensive. Funny we’re both still the same way…

In VS I found ‘I Love Kisses’ and although I could pick up the lotus blossom notes, it was way too watery smelling to me and not enough fruit. It was a nice clean scent though, I just wasn’t in love with it. Here comes Uncle John though insisting that I get it because that’s what I came to the mall for. In the end I left without it. And then he said some dangerous words “Do you want to go to Bath & BodyWorks?”

20 mins later he regretted it, I was happily shopping, sniffing, and sampling all the yummy scents and he was asking “Do you always take this long in here?” YES! Don’t feel bad for the old guy though, he was sure to entertain himself by flirting inappropriately with the female employees there. LOL.

In the end I picked up these two scents. Pink Chiffon & Be Enchanted.


Be Enchanted came out Halloween 2011 and I was able to get a sample lotion which I really like surprisingly because I don’t usually lean towards pomegranate scents. It’s so sweet and yummy though so I was sure to grab that.

And Pink Chiffon, OMG! This is my new love. I put a dab on my arm and I could not stop smelling it going “Mmm… this smells gooooood!” I asked the sales lady what was in it and she mentioned pear, orchid, and vanilla. Mmm… mmm… and mmm… I’m so ready to rock my new spring scents.

So I have this wine colored leather-like hobo bag from H&M. I’ve had it for years and more recently I was using it to carry my notebooks while I was in summer school. Once school was finished I left it in the trunk of my car and whenever I would see it I’d think, I should take that out…

Never happened.

And then yesterday while I was out and about I needed a bigger bag so I grabbed it out of the trunk and I noticed it looked stretched out and the top layer appears to have pulled away from the inner layer. It totally melted and warped in the trunk! You can kinda see it better in this pic. Looks like a garbage bag in some spots.

This was my most FAVORITE bag from H&M.  I’m sad it had to go down like that. So yeah lesson learned.

I was telling Gwen, “Maybe its a sign…” That you shouldn’t leave your bags in a hot trunk? “No that I should get a new bag.”



I saw it a couple weeks ago at Forever21 and thought it would be my perfect everyday accessory for this fall/winter. I was super broke at the time so I passed on it.

Should have known when I went back for it this week that it would be gone. I checked 2 stores, nada.

It looks a lot like this scarf that I made a year ago.

So plush and warm, it was such a beautiful scarf. Miss Mae had her eye on it and I had meant to make one for her, but I was so busy with other stuff at the time that I just gave her the original since I could easily make another.

Now I’m trying to convince myself this one from F21 is worth buying online and paying shipping for… sighs…

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