He comes and goes as he pleases through the back door. Helps himself to the kitchen and things in the garage. He borrows things, which is not bad when he returns it, but somehow those things don’t work anymore once he’s done with them. He causes trouble. He upsets her and fuels her anger.

This morning PB warned me to walk on eggshells when I see her because this morning he made a comment about KN’s dish washing skills.

And yesterday I simply asked why he doesn’t use the front door and she was instantly heated.

I feel like its not even worth it to say anything to her anymore because she never listens and she’s always so protective of him and in the end she’s mad at us. I understand that’s her little bro [isn't he like 50 something], but he has no respect for our house.

No one asks him for anything, but is it too much for him to show some common courtesy?