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Today I met up with Ivy and her baby at Starbucks to chat and just hang out. It was so cute because I think her daughter, who’s not really a baby since she’s turning 3 tomorrow, recognized me when I came in and later she was asking “Mommy, who’s her? herrrrr mommy?” and pointing to me. Ivy was like “That’s auntie Lynnette”. “Lynnette” is always such a mouth full for little kids so when Ivy told her to say hi to me, all she could manage was “Hi uhtie” So cute!

Anyway so I really enjoyed hanging out and catching up.   Hopefully we can get together more often. It made me realize that I don’t hang out with a lot of girlfriends. Besides my cousins of course, but that’s different. And the chicks I used to hang out with, I dunno, I just feel distant. Not in a bad way, but just in a… I can feel myself changing kinda way…  and I feel like I need to surround myself with people that will bring that out of me.




It’s the first week of the new year and I’m celebrating it in bed… with the flu. Awesome!

Really? I know I haven’t blogged at all lately… I guess I’ve just been feeling bleh. And that bleh feeling can affect my desire to write to the point where I will blog like crazy or not at all as we see here.

My minds been else where I guess. Things are getting heavy and I don’t want to put them on blast here or anywhere for that matter. I haven’t even written in my private blog for months.

I was thinking of doing away with my craft blog and just throwing everything on here again. I have way to many blogs that are just sitting stale. The site I really need to focus on is Love& Yarn. I’ve been working on so many projects since Fall came around, yet that site is so neglected. It’ll be good for me to bury myself in that anyway, keeps my mind from drifting to other things, sad things.

So just gimme a min to get back up and dust myself off, then I’ll be blogging like crazy…

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