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It’s a sad day in my little jungle… Big Phal has passed away.

I tried to save him from ending up in the trash bin after being super dehydrated, but I think I just made things worse. When I got him home I de-potted him and found a ton of nice thick roots tightly packed in moss that was dry on the outside, but damp in the core. I rinsed him off and gave him a good soak in nice warm water before potting him up in some Miracle Grow Orchid Bark.

Bad idea…

For one, I didn’t soak the bark before potting him up. If I had soaked the bark first maybe things would be diff. The bark would have had time to absorb the water so that the roots could then absorb it from the bark. But since I didn’t, I think it did the reverse… I think that the bark pulled water from the roots thus dehydrating it even more!

Two – That MG Orchid Bark mix actually has a lot of soil in it which I believe does not allow air to get to the roots so that it can dry out.

So it appears I managed to dehydrate the poor guy and cause him root rot all at once.


The picture above was taken about a week after I had him. his leaves looked yellowy and the bottom one started to curl in. That should have been a sign, but I left him alone since the leaves seemed thick and full of water. A week after that the curled leaf started to shrivel so I took Big Phal out of the pot again and found a lot of the roots looked empty. I decided not to go back to the bark, but use sphag instead. I guess it was too late by then, but I didn’t want to give up.


Eventually a leaf fell off every 2 days until there were no more left. *sigh*

Only thing left to do is take what I learned from this experience and apply it to the other 4 orchids I rescued along with Big Phal.

Where things came from? Who owned them? Why they were tossed into the for sale/junk/trash bin?

There was small glazed pot at the thrift shop that I saw last time I was there which was over a month ago, but for whatever reason I decided not to get it.

I loved the color and the unique design. It looked like someone made it by hand, painted it, and glazed it. I thought it would make a cool plant pot.

Sometimes when I’m shopping like this and I’m hesitant about buying something I tell myself “if it’s still here the next time I’m shopping it was meant to be mine” then I’ll get it.



So I did. I saw it again today and was still caught by its uniqueness. I wonder how old it is and what it was made for. What it was used for. I wonder who “S.K.” is…

In its previous life maybe this little pot sat on a shelf or a mantle. Maybe it sat on a coffee table, a desk, or even outside. Was it was a gift? Was is used to hold trinkets, keys, or pens? I guess it’s fun and mysterious to think about…

For now this little pot is with me. I’m placing it on my coffee table “jungle” and it will be home to my orchid.


I re-potted my Lucky Bamboo from water into soil about a month ago and I’m discovering new white roots crawling out to the sides of the pot!


So yeah… I killed 2 pineapple plants in the last month. So sad. ={

P1 was kinda doomed from the start. I bought it from the store, but didn’t pull the top off right away so the pineapple got too ripe and by the time I pulled the top off and peeled the bottom leaves off there were no roots left. I thought it still might grow for me so I put it in a glass of water anyway. Unfortunately a few days later the top started to turn brown and mold was growing between the leaves.


P2 had so much promise, I got the top off as soon as I brought it home and pulled off the bottom leaves. Lots of beautiful brown roots all around. I put it in water and placed it in a warm sunny spot, but no… a few days later the dreaded mold made itself at home and I had to toss P2 out. ={


So here I am with P3, but this time in a pot of soil straight away. I’m not messing with trying to root it in water. We’ll see what happens. Wish me and P3 luck!

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