Today I met up with Ivy and her baby at Starbucks to chat and just hang out. It was so cute because I think her daughter, who’s not really a baby since she’s turning 3 tomorrow, recognized me when I came in and later she was asking “Mommy, who’s her? herrrrr mommy?” and pointing to me. Ivy was like “That’s auntie Lynnette”. “Lynnette” is always such a mouth full for little kids so when Ivy told her to say hi to me, all she could manage was “Hi uhtie” So cute!

Anyway so I really enjoyed hanging out and catching up.   Hopefully we can get together more often. It made me realize that I don’t hang out with a lot of girlfriends. Besides my cousins of course, but that’s different. And the chicks I used to hang out with, I dunno, I just feel distant. Not in a bad way, but just in a… I can feel myself changing kinda way…  and I feel like I need to surround myself with people that will bring that out of me.