So I have this wine colored leather-like hobo bag from H&M. I’ve had it for years and more recently I was using it to carry my notebooks while I was in summer school. Once school was finished I left it in the trunk of my car and whenever I would see it I’d think, I should take that out…

Never happened.

And then yesterday while I was out and about I needed a bigger bag so I grabbed it out of the trunk and I noticed it looked stretched out and the top layer appears to have pulled away from the inner layer. It totally melted and warped in the trunk! You can kinda see it better in this pic. Looks like a garbage bag in some spots.

This was my most FAVORITE bag from H&M.  I’m sad it had to go down like that. So yeah lesson learned.

I was telling Gwen, “Maybe its a sign…” That you shouldn’t leave your bags in a hot trunk? “No that I should get a new bag.”