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MB has been wanting to buy a calamansi tree for a while now, so as soon as I told her I saw them on sale at Lowe’s she was really excited. Yesterday she picked up not one, but 2 trees.

I was looking up info on how to care for these plants and found that a lot of people keep them dwarf by growing them in pots. Since MB had two trees I suggested we try potting one so that we could keep it on the patio. She wasn’t having it though and I was quickly denied. She was planting them in the ground on the side of the house and that was that.

Then I learned I could grow my own tree from a cutting. Yep so since I can’t mess with her precious trees I snipped off a young overgrown stem ninja style.


Here are my 2 new calamansi babies. Both are about 4 inches tall. I stripped all but 2 leaves on 1 and left 1 larger leaf on the other so that the plant would focus its energy on making roots rather than the leaves. I dipped the bottom of the stems in my rooting hormone powder and planted them in small pots filled with citrus soil mix. I sprayed the soil so its moist, but not damp enough to wash away the rooting hormone. Now all I have to do is wait… and mist… and wait…

Hopefully in a few weeks they’ll root and I’ll have calamansi trees of my very own. This is going to be an awesome experiment!

Yeah it might sound weird, but garlic is suppose to be an awesome nail strengthener.

My nails have always been super thin and I could never grow them out very long because they would start to chip and break. My cousin on the other hand has always had really strong thick nails. She told me once that her nails were so strong because she rubbed garlic on them. Interesting, but I never really looked into it because I thought it was a myth.

Recently though I’ve been on a crazy nail polish hype and I’m noticing that my nails are taking a beating. I want to be able to grow them out longer and keep them healthy so I was researching and noticed other people talking about garlic too.

 I found this video on Youtube and learned that you can make your own nail strengthening garlic polish by chopping up some fresh garlic and throwing it into your clear nail polish. It has to sit for about a week to give the polish time to soak up the garlic powers, then you apply it like a base coat.

I’m totally down to try it!

What I did was smash open a garlic clove and rub it all over my clean nails and into the cuticle. Then I chopped up the garlic and added it to this clear Nail Building polish I got from the dollar store. I’ll be letting the garlic marinate in there until next week.  Holler!

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