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I heard Victoria’s Secret had a new LE scent called ‘I Love Kisses’ which had lotus blossom and watery fruit notes. Sounded like my kinda combo. I had to go smell it, so I decided to hit up the mall after I helped fix Don Juan’s laptop/wifi problems and took him to run errands.

He decided to roll with me to the mall so he could shop for ties. It reminded me of when I was 15 and would tag along with him on shopping sprees for $50 ties and fitted suits that he would decide not to buy after waiting 3 hours as they tailored it. That was just his style. He would also insist I get something, usually something expensive, which wasn’t my style. If I got something I wanted it to be an item that I actually loved and would use, not necessarily expensive. Funny we’re both still the same way…

In VS I found ‘I Love Kisses’ and although I could pick up the lotus blossom notes, it was way too watery smelling to me and not enough fruit. It was a nice clean scent though, I just wasn’t in love with it. Here comes Uncle John though insisting that I get it because that’s what I came to the mall for. In the end I left without it. And then he said some dangerous words “Do you want to go to Bath & BodyWorks?”

20 mins later he regretted it, I was happily shopping, sniffing, and sampling all the yummy scents and he was asking “Do you always take this long in here?” YES! Don’t feel bad for the old guy though, he was sure to entertain himself by flirting inappropriately with the female employees there. LOL.

In the end I picked up these two scents. Pink Chiffon & Be Enchanted.


Be Enchanted came out Halloween 2011 and I was able to get a sample lotion which I really like surprisingly because I don’t usually lean towards pomegranate scents. It’s so sweet and yummy though so I was sure to grab that.

And Pink Chiffon, OMG! This is my new love. I put a dab on my arm and I could not stop smelling it going “Mmm… this smells gooooood!” I asked the sales lady what was in it and she mentioned pear, orchid, and vanilla. Mmm… mmm… and mmm… I’m so ready to rock my new spring scents.

On Thanksgiving my Sis told me about Hair One, a cleansing conditioner she’s been using, and how great and life changing it was especially since Wen was just way to pricey. Wen? I see infomercials about their hair systems all the time! I always wonder if they work too, I mean they got Alyssa Milano pushing it. So anyway my Sis said Hair One is basically the same thing for less.

Since I started growing my hair out last year I decided to keep it as healthy as possible. I mean what’s the point of growing it out if its gonna be dry and damaged from all the heat, styling, and products I use? So I stopped blow drying my hair altogether, no flat ironing or curling. I also tried using sulfate free cleansers like Loreal Ever Sleek which I heard was good, but I wasn’t feeling it.

For the most part I just stick with a regular moisturizing shampoo, like Dove, and wash my hair every other day. Every couple weeks I use a conditioner and leave it in for 5-10 mins to keep my hair soft. This has been working for me and I notice that my hair is growing a lot faster and looks healthy. Some people even said that my hair looked thicker.

I’m still down to try something new though, plus my Sis recommended it, so I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply a few days ago to look for Hair One. I found it, but hesitated because it was $12.99 for a 12oz bottle. Still a little up there money wise for me since I’m on a budget so I decided to wait until I had more money or I could justify the purchase in my head better.

Then yesterday at Bed Bath & Beyond I found this, Lisa Rachel Conditioner & Cleanser. The bottle says it’s comparable to Wen, so while I was in the store I did a quick Google search to check reviews. Everyone says it works really well and is a good alternative to Wen and Hair One. And its only $7.99! Now that, I can do!

I was so excited to try it that I washed my hair again this morning even though I washed it yesterday. I didn’t follow the directions on the back because it called for way too many pumps of this stuff. In all I think I used about 3-4 pumps which was more than enough. After washing and rinsing, I let my hair air dry as usual and OMG right away I could tell there was a difference.

Normally when I take my hair out of the towel I have this yucky dry section on the bottom layers. Even if I put in a leave-in conditioner right away this section looks gross. This time I took my hair out of the towel and there were no dry frizzies, even after it dried, nothing. Just soft, sleek hair, healthy and bouncy, super duper hydrated, but not weighed down. I honestly think it even bought out the natural color of my hair more.

I happened to take a pic of my hair yesterday after my normal routine, so here is a before and after shot.

Look at the difference! And trust me I did not do anything special to my hair other than use that product. I barely even combed through it because the directions say to comb your hair using a wide tooth comb in the shower. I’m seriously amazed at what this cleanser can do and I definitely recommend it to everyone.

Oh and PS! I also read that some folks found Lisa Rachel Conditioner at Ross for $4.99, which is even better, so if you’re going to look for it check there first. Otherwise hit up BB&B and use that 20% coupon they send in the mail every month for extra savings. Holler!


This is just little mini update on my nails since I’ve been trying to grow and strengthen them.  I’ve been using the things pictured below to help me out.

The first bottle is Nutra Nail Growth Treatment plus Green Tea (I found this at the 99 cent store, holler!) It’s kind of like an oil that you rub onto your nail and cuticle that hydrates, conditions, and promotes growth. From what I’ve read people say it also strengthens. It’s especially good to use this after you’ve taken off your nail polish with polish remover that dries out your nail and cuticle bed. I use it about twice a week.

The second bottle is the Garlic Polish I made in the beginning of the month. I LOVE this stuff. I put 2 coats on my bare nails or as a base coat when I apply color polish. Yes it does smell super garlic-eee like everyone says. It took me a while to get use to it, but I kinda like it now. It’s been about 3 weeks since I started using it. I’m not seeing much difference in the part of my nail that was already grown out, but the 3mm of new nail that is emerging seems pretty thick to me. I can’t wait for them to fully grow out so I can see if this is really working. I’m super excited.


Decided to paint my nails for Nik’s Powder Pink Debut. I used the polishes in the photo above to create this pink to fuchsia gradient.

After I applied a coat of my clear Garlic Polish, I laid down a coral pink base color [Sinful Vacation Time] to give the glitter polishes that would go on top some meat and bring out their pink tones.

Then I applied a coat of the pink glitter polish [Milani Disco Lights] making sure to really pack on the glitter.

For the gradient effect I lightly brushed on a thinner fuchsia glitter polish [KleanColor Hot Stuff] to the tips only. Once it was all dry I sealed it with a top coat.

I’m diggin them. They look super girly and blinged out. The gradient is awesome and the ooooh when the light hits um. Yeah!

Yeah it might sound weird, but garlic is suppose to be an awesome nail strengthener.

My nails have always been super thin and I could never grow them out very long because they would start to chip and break. My cousin on the other hand has always had really strong thick nails. She told me once that her nails were so strong because she rubbed garlic on them. Interesting, but I never really looked into it because I thought it was a myth.

Recently though I’ve been on a crazy nail polish hype and I’m noticing that my nails are taking a beating. I want to be able to grow them out longer and keep them healthy so I was researching and noticed other people talking about garlic too.

 I found this video on Youtube and learned that you can make your own nail strengthening garlic polish by chopping up some fresh garlic and throwing it into your clear nail polish. It has to sit for about a week to give the polish time to soak up the garlic powers, then you apply it like a base coat.

I’m totally down to try it!

What I did was smash open a garlic clove and rub it all over my clean nails and into the cuticle. Then I chopped up the garlic and added it to this clear Nail Building polish I got from the dollar store. I’ll be letting the garlic marinate in there until next week.  Holler!

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