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I was sifting around old photos and I came across this pic I took of my Lucky Bamboo plant when I bought it over a year ago, Jan 5, 2011 to be exact. It looks so small! I remember seeing it at Wal-mart and thinking it would cute in my bathroom at the time. And that’s pretty much where it stayed until I moved back home and found a new spot for it in the current bathroom.

I kept it in the bathroom because I thought it might like the humidity since bamboo grows in a tropical climate. The thing is Lucky Bamboo isn’t really bamboo at all… it’s actually a Dracaena. And! Get this, they don’t really grow in water [they're rooted in water] they grow best in soil like other houseplants.

I kid you not. I wish I would have known this years ago. When I lived in my apartment, I remember buying my first Lucky Bamboo arrangement off ebay and watching it die slowly as I tried to grow it in pebbles and water. That’s what the directions said to do after all, but still the leaves and stalks turned yellow one by one.

And then again at my parent’s house I tried with another Lucky Bamboo, making sure to change the water often and only use purified bottled water. Sadness again when the things went yellow.

And after a year of living in the typical media of pebbles and water, I started to notice that this plant was also showing signs of yellowing. That’s when I started researching how to care for it and found a ton of awesome info.

It’s only been 2 months since I pulled Lucky Bamboo [LB1] from its original container and planted it in soil and it’s grown so much! I also moved it from the bathroom to the living room a few feet away from a southern facing window. Almost 2 weeks ago I noticed the roots growing down into the soil and out to the side of the cup I potted it in. Then yesterday I found the roots stretched out to the very bottom of the cup and almost out of the drain hole! Crazy!

When I planted LB1 in soil I thought it would grow and live longer than any of my other LBs, but I didn’t expect it to take off like this. Here’s a pic of how the roots looked when I took it out of the cup.


In the whole year that I’ve had LB1, all I have ever seen on it were scrawny orange and brown roots. So to see lots of thick, healthy, white roots is just amazing to me!


I decided to put LB1 in a bigger vase with lots of growing room so that I don’t have to re-pot it for a while. Hopefully it will acclimate to it’s new home quickly and start to flourish even more!

Now that I know how to grow them and keep them happy I’ve been picking up more stalks and making new arrangements to put around the house.

Here are pics of other LB plants that I have now.



They’re super cute and they’re even easier to care for in soil. Definitely try um out if you’re thinking of getting a houseplant!









It’s a sad day in my little jungle… Big Phal has passed away.

I tried to save him from ending up in the trash bin after being super dehydrated, but I think I just made things worse. When I got him home I de-potted him and found a ton of nice thick roots tightly packed in moss that was dry on the outside, but damp in the core. I rinsed him off and gave him a good soak in nice warm water before potting him up in some Miracle Grow Orchid Bark.

Bad idea…

For one, I didn’t soak the bark before potting him up. If I had soaked the bark first maybe things would be diff. The bark would have had time to absorb the water so that the roots could then absorb it from the bark. But since I didn’t, I think it did the reverse… I think that the bark pulled water from the roots thus dehydrating it even more!

Two – That MG Orchid Bark mix actually has a lot of soil in it which I believe does not allow air to get to the roots so that it can dry out.

So it appears I managed to dehydrate the poor guy and cause him root rot all at once.


The picture above was taken about a week after I had him. his leaves looked yellowy and the bottom one started to curl in. That should have been a sign, but I left him alone since the leaves seemed thick and full of water. A week after that the curled leaf started to shrivel so I took Big Phal out of the pot again and found a lot of the roots looked empty. I decided not to go back to the bark, but use sphag instead. I guess it was too late by then, but I didn’t want to give up.


Eventually a leaf fell off every 2 days until there were no more left. *sigh*

Only thing left to do is take what I learned from this experience and apply it to the other 4 orchids I rescued along with Big Phal.

He comes and goes as he pleases through the back door. Helps himself to the kitchen and things in the garage. He borrows things, which is not bad when he returns it, but somehow those things don’t work anymore once he’s done with them. He causes trouble. He upsets her and fuels her anger.

This morning PB warned me to walk on eggshells when I see her because this morning he made a comment about KN’s dish washing skills.

And yesterday I simply asked why he doesn’t use the front door and she was instantly heated.

I feel like its not even worth it to say anything to her anymore because she never listens and she’s always so protective of him and in the end she’s mad at us. I understand that’s her little bro [isn't he like 50 something], but he has no respect for our house.

No one asks him for anything, but is it too much for him to show some common courtesy?

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