MB has been wanting to buy a calamansi tree for a while now, so as soon as I told her I saw them on sale at Lowe’s she was really excited. Yesterday she picked up not one, but 2 trees.

I was looking up info on how to care for these plants and found that a lot of people keep them dwarf by growing them in pots. Since MB had two trees I suggested we try potting one so that we could keep it on the patio. She wasn’t having it though and I was quickly denied. She was planting them in the ground on the side of the house and that was that.

Then I learned I could grow my own tree from a cutting. Yep so since I can’t mess with her precious trees I snipped off a young overgrown stem ninja style.


Here are my 2 new calamansi babies. Both are about 4 inches tall. I stripped all but 2 leaves on 1 and left 1 larger leaf on the other so that the plant would focus its energy on making roots rather than the leaves. I dipped the bottom of the stems in my rooting hormone powder and planted them in small pots filled with citrus soil mix. I sprayed the soil so its moist, but not damp enough to wash away the rooting hormone. Now all I have to do is wait… and mist… and wait…

Hopefully in a few weeks they’ll root and I’ll have calamansi trees of my very own. This is going to be an awesome experiment!

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