So yeah… I killed 2 pineapple plants in the last month. So sad. ={

P1 was kinda doomed from the start. I bought it from the store, but didn’t pull the top off right away so the pineapple got too ripe and by the time I pulled the top off and peeled the bottom leaves off there were no roots left. I thought it still might grow for me so I put it in a glass of water anyway. Unfortunately a few days later the top started to turn brown and mold was growing between the leaves.


P2 had so much promise, I got the top off as soon as I brought it home and pulled off the bottom leaves. Lots of beautiful brown roots all around. I put it in water and placed it in a warm sunny spot, but no… a few days later the dreaded mold made itself at home and I had to toss P2 out. ={


So here I am with P3, but this time in a pot of soil straight away. I’m not messing with trying to root it in water. We’ll see what happens. Wish me and P3 luck!

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