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This is just little mini update on my nails since I’ve been trying to grow and strengthen them.  I’ve been using the things pictured below to help me out.

The first bottle is Nutra Nail Growth Treatment plus Green Tea (I found this at the 99 cent store, holler!) It’s kind of like an oil that you rub onto your nail and cuticle that hydrates, conditions, and promotes growth. From what I’ve read people say it also strengthens. It’s especially good to use this after you’ve taken off your nail polish with polish remover that dries out your nail and cuticle bed. I use it about twice a week.

The second bottle is the Garlic Polish I made in the beginning of the month. I LOVE this stuff. I put 2 coats on my bare nails or as a base coat when I apply color polish. Yes it does smell super garlic-eee like everyone says. It took me a while to get use to it, but I kinda like it now. It’s been about 3 weeks since I started using it. I’m not seeing much difference in the part of my nail that was already grown out, but the 3mm of new nail that is emerging seems pretty thick to me. I can’t wait for them to fully grow out so I can see if this is really working. I’m super excited.


“You alright?” he asked as we were leaving the meeting, I replied “yeah I’m fine”

We walked out to our cars in the parking lot and he came up beside me and asked again. “You sure you’re ok?” He was looking down at my feet. I realized then he was referring to my pimp walk.

“Oh yeah, I have cerebral palsy” I told him.

“Ohhh…” he said and slowed his pace as I continued to my car.

Sometimes I forget, or just don’t realize that to the outside world I appear different, walk different. I felt kinda bad because I think people are caught off guard when I tell them I have CP, like they feel guilty for asking and pity when they find out. I don’t want them to feel that way. I know its honest concern on their part or even just curiosity at times. It’s human nature to question something when its out of the norm. For me though, having CP is normal.

In the past I’ve thought of putting out there right off the bat. Like during introductions “Hi, I’m Lennie and I have CP” but that sounds kinda AA meeting-ish. I don’t want to put it in the forefront like that’s what I’m all about. It’s something I was born with, something that I live with, but it doesn’t define who I am. Or does it?

It is a part of me. I am who I am and I think the way I do partly because I’ve experienced life with it. On good days I embrace it, on bad days I cry about it. I don’t think I would be me without it.

In the past year I’ve started to change my view about it. I used to think having CP was a disability, the result of negligence by a doctor, but I’m learning that perhaps its a blessing. A  blessing from God.

“I praise you, so wonderfully you made me; wonderful are your works.” -Psalm 139:14

This had to be done, it was that serious.



I can’t believe this girl is 18 now.

We’ve been through so many good times and even more challenging times and through it all I’m soo proud of her. I can’t to wait to see what God has planned for her. Happy Birthday Nik!

To see pics I took from tonight go to my Flickr

Decided to paint my nails for Nik’s Powder Pink Debut. I used the polishes in the photo above to create this pink to fuchsia gradient.

After I applied a coat of my clear Garlic Polish, I laid down a coral pink base color [Sinful Vacation Time] to give the glitter polishes that would go on top some meat and bring out their pink tones.

Then I applied a coat of the pink glitter polish [Milani Disco Lights] making sure to really pack on the glitter.

For the gradient effect I lightly brushed on a thinner fuchsia glitter polish [KleanColor Hot Stuff] to the tips only. Once it was all dry I sealed it with a top coat.

I’m diggin them. They look super girly and blinged out. The gradient is awesome and the ooooh when the light hits um. Yeah!

Gwen: So I told my mom you went to church…

Len: Oh for real?

Gwen: Yeah and then she said “where Chuch’s Chicken?”

Len: hahahahahh omgosh! I love her

So I have this wine colored leather-like hobo bag from H&M. I’ve had it for years and more recently I was using it to carry my notebooks while I was in summer school. Once school was finished I left it in the trunk of my car and whenever I would see it I’d think, I should take that out…

Never happened.

And then yesterday while I was out and about I needed a bigger bag so I grabbed it out of the trunk and I noticed it looked stretched out and the top layer appears to have pulled away from the inner layer. It totally melted and warped in the trunk! You can kinda see it better in this pic. Looks like a garbage bag in some spots.

This was my most FAVORITE bag from H&M.  I’m sad it had to go down like that. So yeah lesson learned.

I was telling Gwen, “Maybe its a sign…” That you shouldn’t leave your bags in a hot trunk? “No that I should get a new bag.”



I saw it a couple weeks ago at Forever21 and thought it would be my perfect everyday accessory for this fall/winter. I was super broke at the time so I passed on it.

Should have known when I went back for it this week that it would be gone. I checked 2 stores, nada.

It looks a lot like this scarf that I made a year ago.

So plush and warm, it was such a beautiful scarf. Miss Mae had her eye on it and I had meant to make one for her, but I was so busy with other stuff at the time that I just gave her the original since I could easily make another.

Now I’m trying to convince myself this one from F21 is worth buying online and paying shipping for… sighs…

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